Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why are liberals so afraid of Sarah Palin?

Before I begin, I’ll give you the answer. Sarah Palin is an attractive, conservative, pro-life, successful, politically powerful woman. Sarah Palin represents the anti-Christ to liberals because they don’t have anyone qualified enough to put up against her, and it scares them to death.

Politicians, comedians, actors, musicians, reporters,anchors, bloggers, and all those that define themselves as "liberal" have acted as if they've waged a war on her even before she even announced that she is interested in running for President.

Knowing this, all they can do is attack her on anything other than substantive issues and continue to pursue a strategy of telling lies often enough that people begin to believe them. This strategy worked for them during the 2008 election, so why stop now? We all remember the complaints of alleged ethics violations brought against Governor Palin that, by sheer coincidence, popped up just before the 2008 election. Before they were done, over a dozen complaints were filed and the main stream media gleefully reported on all of them.

The last of these ethics investigations was recently completed, and Gov. Palin was totally cleared in each and every case. Did the mainstream media report this with the same zeal they exercised when the charges were leveled? Actually, the silence was deafening. It was just not politically expedient for them to report the truth.

What the liberals aren’t smart enough to know is that you can’t attack her family without consequences. David Letterman’s tasteless attempts at comedy last Tuesday, and his feigned apology a day later, showed the hypocrisy of the compliant left wing media, as represented by CBS, and the double standards of decency and decorum they promote. The management at CBS could have easily left Letterman’s lame attempts at comedy on the cutting room floor where they belonged and he could have gone out and bombed like he does most nights. Just imagine the outrage if Letterman had said Michelle Obama looked like a slutty flight attendant and that her daughter was “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez during the seventh inning. Does anybody think that tape would have survived the CBS censor’s review?

What did Sarah Palin and her daughter do to deserve the ridicule and crude sexual references from David Letterman? They flew all the way across the country to attend a Yankees game honoring special needs groups. Pretty outrageous of them, huh? If anyone in the liberal media has any sense of ethics, CBS and Letterman will be held accountable for their actions, but don’t count on it.

We are certainly not through having to put up with the constant lies and venomous hate spewed by the Left regarding Governor Sarah Palin and her family. If there were one tenth the negative coverage on Barack , Michelle, and their children the Left would rise up in furious anger and mob the offending person - perhaps even calling for their death.

The truth is, the constant attacks on Sarah Palin by the left wing media, in all its forms, have damaged her. She is probably so damaged at this point that she won’t be a viable candidate for national office in 2012. I think she will bounce back and serve in some capacity on the national level by 2016.

The media (again and again) keeps showing us who they really are and in Sarah's case, that they just positively hate her. Immediately after she announced she was resigning as Governor, the hatefest started. They could not come out of the woodwork fast enough, just like cockroaches. She truly scares them, otherwise they would not go to the extreme measures they use to try to destroy her every chance they get. It is incredible, but the Dems have virtually the whole media tucked into their pants, just like a top secret document stuffed into Sandy Burglar's trousers.

We can only hope that by that time enough people will have come to their senses to see the liberal media machine for what it is, and seek the truth about Sarah Palin and her contemporaries. That’s actually Hope & Change we can believe in.

Sarah Palin for President 2012


  1. I hate to be honest about this, but I feel like she surrendered in resigning.

  2. HI!!! Found and followed you from Average American's blog, and liking what I see so figured I'd drop a comment (instead of lurking, as I am wont to do from time to time).

    As for whether or not Letterman saying these things about Obama's wife and children hitting the cutting room floor, it would never happen.... Because he'd never say them in the first place. Doing so would be RAAAAACIST!

    BB: I don't know that she necessarily surrendered, as far as political aspirations. She has something many on the left despise and attempt to undermine at every turn: Family values. I have a feeling she did this in an attempt to protect her family - the right thing to do - and her state - ALSO the right thing to do - and is showing her true colors as a family-first kind of Republican. You know, the kind the liberals love to hate.

  3. Because she represents what they don't have: Class, Honesty, Guile, Gumption, Integrity, and a little bit Rock n' Roll. I didn't even have to say inner beauty.

  4. If we don't want four more years of Obama, then run Palin as the Republican candidate.

  5. Sarah represents every thing the left never can be or ever will be.

  6. Excellent post. I don't understand the rush to make these predictions about Palin's future. What we need to be focused on is how the character rape of her and her family was allowed to continue unabated for 10 months.

    Too soon to tell about her political future, but high time we started holding the media more accountable for this reckless behavior.

  7. Animals react with violence when faced with their greatest threat. Democrats do the same thing. Sarah will have my vote.

  8. I like Palin. However, I'm disappointed with her resignation. But it's not fair for me to judge, because I'm not in her shoes and I don't have to deal with bogus ethics charges and 500K in legal fees. I do know I'd go nuts over the attacks to my kids. Like Pajama said, her future has yet to be determined. If I had to make a prediction I'd say, she is a woman of integrity and I think she'll come out on top.

  9. Sarah Palin is lucky to have graduated from college. She is moronic and has no idea of how the government works. He political career is finished and she is all about getting paid now. She is clueless and utterly embarrassing...

  10. Why do Libs always post as Anonymous ?

  11. Libs always post as Anonymous because they are the epitome of Dr. Dave's comment. I think that Sarah Palin is great and there needs to be some men in the Republican party with half the backbone that she has. The boys in the Republican party need to man up to their responsibilities. In other words GROW UP!

  12. fucktheconservativeOctober 15, 2009 at 2:37 PM

    She's an idiot.
    Why do conservatives hate gays? thats what I'd like to know.
    If you love someone than why cant you marry them?
    Why is it so wrong?
    And before you say Oh not all conservatives hate gays, realie that not all liberals hate palin, or are hippies.

  13. I think her book having so many people pre-order it shows her appeal. What I would like to see is her and Michele Bachmann run on the same ticket in 2012

  14. they don’t have anyone qualified enough to put up against her...the next time you start a column at least wait until after the intro to stat making outlandish statements. P.S i am not a liberal

  15. Sarah Palin lacks the intellegence to run the nation and is a radical. As for us liberals not having anyone to run against her what about say Hillary Clinton. We do not fear her we loathe how people have such a party loyalty they're willing to elect a nimrod. Oh and Michelle Obama and her daughters were raised right and would just abort the baby. Face.
    Proud to be a Socialist.

  16. I'm quite afraid a peanut would be more qualified than Sarah Palin.

  17. ali, you are a real moron aren't you... liberals love sarah...we hope she runs for president... that guarantees obama another 4 years....

    glad to hear you are christian.. how is your imaginary being in the sky? That in itself tells me you are not too bright.. believing some jewish zombie nailed to a piece of wood is the son of god tells us you are a mental midget..

    go get an education in science...