Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods, Mr. Squeaky-clean

During the Bill Clinton impeachment idiocy of 1998, many on the left said that if Clinton were removed from office, let it be for gutting welfare or for imposing sanctions on Iraq, and not l'affaire Lewinsky.

Today, Tiger Woods, the famous, wealthy and most PR-conscious athlete on earth, finally finds himself subject to scrutiny. But, similar to Clinton's scandal, his scandal has more to do with his personal life than more substantive issues. The media has staked out his Isleworth home for round-the-clock coverage about a bizarre "car accident" this past week involving his wife, a fire hydrant and a golf club. The questions being posed are as breathless as they are weightless: "Were Tiger's facial lacerations the result of the car crash, or an attack from his wife, Elin?" "Is this about the rumored 'other woman' in New York City?" "Did Elin Woods smash the rear of his car with a golf club to rescue Tiger, or was she smashing up the car as he pulled away?" One last question: Who the hell cares? Granted, there is a "man bites dog" aspect to this story. In Woods's roughly fourteen years in the public eye, he has never even been caught littering. His image has been cemented as a man of ungodly intensity.

This squeaky-clean reputation has helped Woods become the richest athlete in history. His career course earnings are $92 million. When you factor in advertisements, corporate appearances and other off-course aspects of "Tiger Inc.," it makes sense that Tiger Woods is America's first athlete to reach billionaire status.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Sick Of It All

I'm so sick and tired of all you Obama apologists, when are you going to get over yourselves and call it as it is!
I'm so sick of the Democratic party. Elitist a-holes! I'm sick of this guy we have sitting in the white house and flying all over the friggen world apologizing for America who is backed by George Sores and who gives ACORN a free pass... . He is a fraud just like the of Congress
I am so sick and tired of the liberals in government, whether it be local or federal ...I’m sick Of 'The Late Hate Show' With Conan And David Letterman making fun out of a 12 year old when he is screwing his own staff behind his wife’s back.
I’m sick you liberals calling me a racist when you can’t find your own behinds with both hands and a compass. I’m sick and tired of these crooks in Washington that are tell us to pay our taxes when the entire Obama administration is behind on their taxes,or just don't see fit to pay them...
I'm so sick of seeing these hoodlum clowns on the corner getting free handouts walking around with their pants falling down. And I’m quite sick of the whole Obama three ring circus show. I'm sick and tired of all you liberal "Girly Men" and you republicans that kiss up to them like the guy that writes some ridiculous blog and thinks he’s so friggen smart., and thinks that if he cuddles up to his Liberal friends he’s so “Cool” Only a kool-aid drinker can ignore the fact that this country is in deep sh*t

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama "Plans" to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan. The Key word here is "Plans"

Barack Obama met Monday evening with his national security team to finalize a plan to dispatch some 34,000 additional U.S. troops over the next year to what he's called "a war of necessity" in Afghanistan, U.S. officials told McClatchy. Obama is expected to announce his long-awaited decision on Dec. 1st. Why December 1st, when he has already made up his mind? Don't ask me, I'm only a taxpaying republican.
Lets give BO some credit here. It may have taken him 3 months, but at least he made a decision about the troops. Meanwhile he is doing what all good Community Organizers do: He's sampling the wind. This ''trial balloon'' will help him do that. The request was for, at the very least, 40,000 troops immediately - that was months ago; now we have 34,000 over the next year - does that mean 1,000 here, 1,000 there? This is just more dithering.
The resident of our White House and his criminal administration need to be removed for crimes against our nation and that would include Biden, Pelosi and company.
Nine months to make this decision while more soldiers die. But the stimulus' had to be passed in a heartbeat lest we all face disaster. Priorities?

Senator Mary Landrieu Is A Prostitute

The media denigrates Sarah Palin AND her teenaged daughters and that's okay with the Dems, but say something that is true about a senator who sold herself and her state for money is not okay> Give me a break! I'm with Rush and Beck and Hannity and the rest of us who know the Congress is a confederacy of pimps and prostitutes.
Isn't it funny how they can call Sarah Palin every name in the book, but when it comes to this political whore she's all of a sudden the blessed virgin. Mary Landrieu, Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, ad infinitum they're all whores! The three hundred million promised is the taxpayers money. They are bribing the woman with the taxpayers money. She is even too stupid to keep her mouth shut, she had to announce her price tag and be proud of it.
What a despicable piece of trash.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top 10 Biggest Obama Mistakes

Although he has only been in office for a little under a year, President Barack Hussein Obama (hmmm hmmm HMMMMM) has made some doosies, and here they are in descending order of stupidity:

10. Picking Joe Biden as veep. Joe 'Plugs' Biden is arguably one of the dumbest politicians to serve in this office in American history. His infamous propensity for gaffs is not just simply foot in mouth disease, it stems from his lack of intelligence. Anyone who spouts whatever is on the tip of his tongue at any time does not have what it takes to conduct foreign or domestic policy, and has no business being just a heart beat away from the presidency.

9. Sitting in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years. Jeremiah Wright has been preaching Black Separatism for decades, and this is the church where Obama and his family sat for 20 years, were married in this maelstrom of hatred of whites and America in general, and had their children baptised here. Obama has picked up a great deal of this garbage over those two decades, if through nothing else other than osmosis, since he denies ever hearing the Pastor's hate filled message.

8. Selecting Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General. AG Holder is a radical Marxist, just like Obama, and his latest decision in selecting a New York federal court venue for trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Ramzi Ben-al Shib and several other high profile terrorists makes absolutely no sense to anybody. The likelihood of them being acquitted, despite confessions of guilt from them all, is high.

7. Bowing to foreign heads of state. His pathetic obsequious bows to King Abdulluh of Saudi Arabia, and lately to the Emperor of Japan diminish the stature of the presidency. These stupid acts show just how inexperienced and clueless this young man is and how utterly unqualified he is to sit in the Oval Office.

6. Dithering on sending reinforcements to Afghanistan. This is truly incredible: his own hand picked general Stanley McCrystal has requested 40,000 troops lest we risk defeat, and this Ditherer-In-Chief is sitting on his hands, worrying whether supporting our troops who are in peril currently will upset his lunatic left wing base. Utterly irresponsible.

5. Packing the executive branch with 'czars.' These unelected, unaccountable dictators have enormous power to do tremendous policy damage, and yet have never been scrutinized by Congress (such as it exists today, sadly). He now has 40 of these guys (and gals), and counting, and they have been granted more power than his cabinet secretaries. And who would have dreamed a few years ago that we would have a 'Pay Czar?' Someone who arbitrarily determines what anybody should earn? This is not the America I remember.

4. Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. True, this has not yet happened, and accordingly is not yet a 'mistake,' but I am putting it on the list anyway. Obama has never learned any economic theory that anyone can detect, and truly thinks that the government should be the source of all economic activity. Letting the tax rates return to the Clinton-era rates is just another anchor on the already ailing economy.

3. Thinking he has a mandate to do anything he wants. Obama won the 2008 presidential election with 54% of the popular vote, and by any means this is not a mandate to change our country into a socialist state. By ignoring the public outcry against his policies, and labeling dissenters as 'extremists,' he truly tips his hand at what he thinks of the American public at large. That is to say, not much.

2. Trying terrorists in civilian court. Although he says this was not his decision but rather that of the Attorney General Holder, he is simply trying to remove himself from the blame should this backfire (which it will). He is the decider, not the AG whom serves at his pleasure. Nobody is buying this baloney. These terrorists will likely choose to defend themselves, and accordingly gain access to our intelligence, methods, secrets, and will have a world wide podium to spew their Jihadi garbage. This one comes close to being the worst mistake of all, and in my opinion rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

......AND THE DRUM ROLL PLEASE......The #1 Biggest Obama Mistake, based on the potential damage to our economy is:

1. Shoving the 2,074 page Senate Health Care Reform proposal down America's throat. He surely knows that most all Americans do not want this costly, wasteful and power grabbing bill passed, and yet he is determined to see it through even though it may cost him majorities in Congress after the 2010 elections. It will change the basic relationship between the U.S. government and its citizenry, from one mostly of government of the people, by the people and for the people to one of government over the people. And don't think that when Obama fails to win re-election in 2012 a Republican administration will roll all of this back: do we all really think that the new kids in town will just relinquish all of that newly gained power over the Great Unwashed (that's us, folks) handed over to them by the previous Democrat administration?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Coming Soon, The Obama American Apology tour, coming to a nation near you!

How long before he apologizes for making Japan target Pearl Harbor? How about Vietnam? How long before he apologies for that? And Korea, that's a given. I just know he's going to apologize to Little Kim for killing innocent communist Koreans. Is there any way he can also apologize for our actions during the Barbary War, the Spanish American War, the Panamanian Revolution, the Occupation of Hati, the Occupation of the Dominican Republic, and how about Austria-Hungary? I'm sure we killed a lot of Austria-Hungarians in WWI. Prez for Life Hussein is going to be very very busy these next few years on his American Apology Tour.

And what about the American Indians? Shouldn't someone apologize to them again?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thank You Glenn Beck

Good morning defenders of the Constitution and Glenn Beck. Great news about the coward Van Jones and his resignation.
And as you see in this picture, Barry don't look to happy this morning..
In a victory for Republicans and the Obama administration’s conservative critics, Van Jones resigned as the White House’s environmental jobs “czar” late Saturday night. Controversy over Mr. Jones’s past comments and affiliations had slowly escalated over several weeks, erupting on Friday with calls for his resignation.
As my Mom used to say "Good riddance to bad rubbish". I do think he will continue as an advisor to Mr. Obama. He'll just fly under the radar. On another note, I think it's time to mount a campaign to let the other "news" organizations know what we think of their refusal to cover the controversies in the White House. Their silence on the issues covered by Glenn is deafening and tells us everything we need to know.
Bye Bye Green Boy, while you were busy knocking us with untruths, Beck and Company were simply telling the truth and you had to go.
Rush, Hannity, Beck, and all of us, the new tea party majority, need to continue the pressure and pick off each one of these czars, then on to his cabinet and then of course to topple the administration in 2012. Next week's march on Washington should be the official beginning of the 2010 campaign. Let's keep up the pressure because these lightweights, with ZERO at the helm do not know how to handle real pressure.
Have a great day all.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama considers drafting his own health care bill.

There they go again, ignoring the Constitution and the legislative branch. By the desperation Chairman Obama is showing in trying to shove the "so called "Healthcare reform down our throats, isn't it obvious that it has nothing to do with healthcare? It should be apparent to any critical thinking human being, that this is about dictatorial "CONTROL". Of course critical thinking isn't something Liberals know anything about, they're too wrapped up in feelings, so I don't expect them to understand.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why are liberals so afraid of Sarah Palin?

Before I begin, I’ll give you the answer. Sarah Palin is an attractive, conservative, pro-life, successful, politically powerful woman. Sarah Palin represents the anti-Christ to liberals because they don’t have anyone qualified enough to put up against her, and it scares them to death.

Politicians, comedians, actors, musicians, reporters,anchors, bloggers, and all those that define themselves as "liberal" have acted as if they've waged a war on her even before she even announced that she is interested in running for President.

Knowing this, all they can do is attack her on anything other than substantive issues and continue to pursue a strategy of telling lies often enough that people begin to believe them. This strategy worked for them during the 2008 election, so why stop now? We all remember the complaints of alleged ethics violations brought against Governor Palin that, by sheer coincidence, popped up just before the 2008 election. Before they were done, over a dozen complaints were filed and the main stream media gleefully reported on all of them.

The last of these ethics investigations was recently completed, and Gov. Palin was totally cleared in each and every case. Did the mainstream media report this with the same zeal they exercised when the charges were leveled? Actually, the silence was deafening. It was just not politically expedient for them to report the truth.

What the liberals aren’t smart enough to know is that you can’t attack her family without consequences. David Letterman’s tasteless attempts at comedy last Tuesday, and his feigned apology a day later, showed the hypocrisy of the compliant left wing media, as represented by CBS, and the double standards of decency and decorum they promote. The management at CBS could have easily left Letterman’s lame attempts at comedy on the cutting room floor where they belonged and he could have gone out and bombed like he does most nights. Just imagine the outrage if Letterman had said Michelle Obama looked like a slutty flight attendant and that her daughter was “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez during the seventh inning. Does anybody think that tape would have survived the CBS censor’s review?

What did Sarah Palin and her daughter do to deserve the ridicule and crude sexual references from David Letterman? They flew all the way across the country to attend a Yankees game honoring special needs groups. Pretty outrageous of them, huh? If anyone in the liberal media has any sense of ethics, CBS and Letterman will be held accountable for their actions, but don’t count on it.

We are certainly not through having to put up with the constant lies and venomous hate spewed by the Left regarding Governor Sarah Palin and her family. If there were one tenth the negative coverage on Barack , Michelle, and their children the Left would rise up in furious anger and mob the offending person - perhaps even calling for their death.

The truth is, the constant attacks on Sarah Palin by the left wing media, in all its forms, have damaged her. She is probably so damaged at this point that she won’t be a viable candidate for national office in 2012. I think she will bounce back and serve in some capacity on the national level by 2016.

The media (again and again) keeps showing us who they really are and in Sarah's case, that they just positively hate her. Immediately after she announced she was resigning as Governor, the hatefest started. They could not come out of the woodwork fast enough, just like cockroaches. She truly scares them, otherwise they would not go to the extreme measures they use to try to destroy her every chance they get. It is incredible, but the Dems have virtually the whole media tucked into their pants, just like a top secret document stuffed into Sandy Burglar's trousers.

We can only hope that by that time enough people will have come to their senses to see the liberal media machine for what it is, and seek the truth about Sarah Palin and her contemporaries. That’s actually Hope & Change we can believe in.

Sarah Palin for President 2012

Friday, July 3, 2009

McKinney held in Israel, to be returned to U.S.

Cynthia McKinney -- who was aboard a ship the Israeli navy intercepted this week -- is in a detention center and will be returned to the United States, the U.S. Embassy said. McKinney was among those on a ship that the Israeli Defense Forces said violated an Israeli blockade and crossed into Gazan waters on Tuesday.
I would like to inform McKinney that the people who run Gaza are dedicated to destroy Israel and fire rockets into Israel, intent on killing civilians. They murder their political opponents inside Gaza, and receive funding from Iran. Smuggling of weapons occurs by land and sea, and the Israelis are trying to stop the smuggling. Hamas also confiscates humanitarian aid to enrich their organization, and it's dangerous for reporters or U.N. observers to monitor aid distribution in Gaza.
How much is the ransom for them to keep her? Whatever it is, pay it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Captured U.S. soldier was 'sold' to local insurgent group

Captured U.S. soldier was 'sold'to local insurgent group; terrorists say they'll release video soon.

An American soldier who went missing from a U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan was "sold" to a local militant group - which claims it will soon release a video of the captive and a list of demands, a U.S. military official said.

"Our leaders have not decided on the fate of this soldier," said a commander with the Taliban's hard-line Haqqani faction, according to Agence-France Press. "They will decide on his fate and soon we will present video tapes of the coalition soldier and our demand to media."

The identity of the captured soldier has not been released in order to protect his safety while U.S. troops desperately comb the area for him.

"We are using all of our resources to find him and provide for his safe return," said military spokeswoman "We are not providing further details to protect the soldier's well-being."

Officials said his family has been notified.

It is the first time a U.S. soldier has been captured in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jerko commemorates Jacko.

President Barack Obama said that Michael Jackson, who died last week at 50, will "go down in history as one of our greatest entertainers. I grew up on his music." Obama said that at the same time that he felt Jackson had experienced "a tragic and in many ways sad personal life."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor

Come on, lets get real here.. Race and color aside, she is not fit and or qualified to sit. She lets personal feelings {by her own admission} reflect in her decisions as a judge. She feels that the courts should set the way we live {by her own comments} which is not what our founding fathers intended!! You people {and i do mean both sides} better wake up or 1 day you will look around and say to your self "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FREEDOM"..
Find some of the more qualified folks that Sotomayor leapfrogged over as she was given affirmative action admission to college and law school. She is a racist and mediocre jurist.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Faces of the new GOP Leadership

In the aftermath of the huge hits taken by the Republican party over the past few months, from President Obama's landslide victory to the defection of Sen. Arlen Specter, Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney revealed his own stimulus plan for the GOP:

"If I had to choose in terms of being a Republican, I'd go with Rush Limbaugh, I think. I think my take on it was Colin [Powell] had already left the party. I didn't know he was still a Republican," Cheney recently said on "Face the Nation" on CBS.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barack Obama to spend holidays in Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard is America's classiest summer playground and has been a favourite with Democratic presidents stretching from Kennedy to Clinton. Now Barack Obama and his family plan to spend some time next month on the glamorous island.(Snip)Often known as "Hollywood East", celebrities are thick on the ground each summer. Oprah Winfrey is a frequent visitor.