Saturday, November 21, 2009

Top 10 Biggest Obama Mistakes

Although he has only been in office for a little under a year, President Barack Hussein Obama (hmmm hmmm HMMMMM) has made some doosies, and here they are in descending order of stupidity:

10. Picking Joe Biden as veep. Joe 'Plugs' Biden is arguably one of the dumbest politicians to serve in this office in American history. His infamous propensity for gaffs is not just simply foot in mouth disease, it stems from his lack of intelligence. Anyone who spouts whatever is on the tip of his tongue at any time does not have what it takes to conduct foreign or domestic policy, and has no business being just a heart beat away from the presidency.

9. Sitting in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years. Jeremiah Wright has been preaching Black Separatism for decades, and this is the church where Obama and his family sat for 20 years, were married in this maelstrom of hatred of whites and America in general, and had their children baptised here. Obama has picked up a great deal of this garbage over those two decades, if through nothing else other than osmosis, since he denies ever hearing the Pastor's hate filled message.

8. Selecting Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General. AG Holder is a radical Marxist, just like Obama, and his latest decision in selecting a New York federal court venue for trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Ramzi Ben-al Shib and several other high profile terrorists makes absolutely no sense to anybody. The likelihood of them being acquitted, despite confessions of guilt from them all, is high.

7. Bowing to foreign heads of state. His pathetic obsequious bows to King Abdulluh of Saudi Arabia, and lately to the Emperor of Japan diminish the stature of the presidency. These stupid acts show just how inexperienced and clueless this young man is and how utterly unqualified he is to sit in the Oval Office.

6. Dithering on sending reinforcements to Afghanistan. This is truly incredible: his own hand picked general Stanley McCrystal has requested 40,000 troops lest we risk defeat, and this Ditherer-In-Chief is sitting on his hands, worrying whether supporting our troops who are in peril currently will upset his lunatic left wing base. Utterly irresponsible.

5. Packing the executive branch with 'czars.' These unelected, unaccountable dictators have enormous power to do tremendous policy damage, and yet have never been scrutinized by Congress (such as it exists today, sadly). He now has 40 of these guys (and gals), and counting, and they have been granted more power than his cabinet secretaries. And who would have dreamed a few years ago that we would have a 'Pay Czar?' Someone who arbitrarily determines what anybody should earn? This is not the America I remember.

4. Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. True, this has not yet happened, and accordingly is not yet a 'mistake,' but I am putting it on the list anyway. Obama has never learned any economic theory that anyone can detect, and truly thinks that the government should be the source of all economic activity. Letting the tax rates return to the Clinton-era rates is just another anchor on the already ailing economy.

3. Thinking he has a mandate to do anything he wants. Obama won the 2008 presidential election with 54% of the popular vote, and by any means this is not a mandate to change our country into a socialist state. By ignoring the public outcry against his policies, and labeling dissenters as 'extremists,' he truly tips his hand at what he thinks of the American public at large. That is to say, not much.

2. Trying terrorists in civilian court. Although he says this was not his decision but rather that of the Attorney General Holder, he is simply trying to remove himself from the blame should this backfire (which it will). He is the decider, not the AG whom serves at his pleasure. Nobody is buying this baloney. These terrorists will likely choose to defend themselves, and accordingly gain access to our intelligence, methods, secrets, and will have a world wide podium to spew their Jihadi garbage. This one comes close to being the worst mistake of all, and in my opinion rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

......AND THE DRUM ROLL PLEASE......The #1 Biggest Obama Mistake, based on the potential damage to our economy is:

1. Shoving the 2,074 page Senate Health Care Reform proposal down America's throat. He surely knows that most all Americans do not want this costly, wasteful and power grabbing bill passed, and yet he is determined to see it through even though it may cost him majorities in Congress after the 2010 elections. It will change the basic relationship between the U.S. government and its citizenry, from one mostly of government of the people, by the people and for the people to one of government over the people. And don't think that when Obama fails to win re-election in 2012 a Republican administration will roll all of this back: do we all really think that the new kids in town will just relinquish all of that newly gained power over the Great Unwashed (that's us, folks) handed over to them by the previous Democrat administration?


  1. I would add two more. But I am not sure what they would displace:

    1) Putting the economy on the back burnder while trying to create new problems (the ill-conceived health care plan)

    2) Candidate Obama made some good promises. Such as not hiring lobbyists, vetoing earmarks and pork, and allowing adequate public scrutiny of legislation and proposals. Great ideas, all! But he quickly broke these promises with relish. Not even resisting or caving to great pressure. He broke them like he'd never made them.

    Oh. One more:

    3) He lowered the bar in cabinet appointments with all of the tax crooks. Well, mistakes do happen. But after Geitner was pointed out, Geitner should have been sacked, and replaed with an honest Treasure Secretary.

  2. Thinking about it, I'd nix your #3. By winning, Mr. Obama has a mandate. Just as George B. Bush had a mandate by winning in 2000. A President has a right to try to push his policies.